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Highlight and Save Your Favorite Quotes on Liner

Liner is the only web highlighter that syncs across desktop and mobile.
Leave highlights on your favorite news articles, blog posts, textbooks, PDFs and more!

Highlight the Web

Upgrade Your Productivity

Highlighting while you read, increases your memory and improves your understanding! Get through that massive pile of text by highlighting one sentence at a time.

Simple Design

Highlighting with Liner is simple. All you have to do is turn on "Highlight Mode" and select the sentences you want to highlight.

Organize Your Highlights


Organize your favorite highlights by adding a star.


Find out what other people are highlighting!


Don't bombard your friends with long texts. Only highlight the most important sentence in a massive pile of text. Share highlighted articles over Facebook, Twitter, and Email.


Liner finds the best highlights on the web and creates a
personalized feed based on your interests! Keep up to date with Liner.

Highlight Inside Apps

Highlight Now

Liner highlights work well with other apps. Simply use Liner's "Share" feature to highlight sentences on your favorite apps such as Twitter, Chrome, and Pocket. You don't even need to switch between apps.

Save for Later

Use Liner to save articles for later! You can always add highlights when you have more time.

"Simplify the world's information
and make it available for everyone."

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